Australische Version des 203 pick-up´s (ute)

Zu verkaufen... For sale... a vendre...


203 Pick-up aus Australien rechtsgelenkt,  203 ute from australia


man nehme eine Fourgonnette und schneide den Kasten ab, herauskommt ein wunderbarer Pick-up...


Bild eines wahrscheinlich aus Frankreich stammenden Ute´s, Pic shows a french version of the ute (steering wheel on the left)


203 Ute


203 ute




Ein paar Bilder der seltenen Variante des Australischen Pick-up´s (die Aussis sagen dazu ute).
Brian Winks aus Neu-Seeland hat mir die Bilder des etwas rostigen Ute´s per email geschickt. Er schreibt das etwa 16 Stück dieser Variante aus dem Fourgonnette entstanden sind. Dieses Wrack ist für 500AU$ (~550DM) zu verkaufen.
ute4.jpg scheint eine französiche Variante des Pick-up´s zu sein. Die anderen Bilder zeigen utes im super Zustand. Falls jemand mehr Informationen über dieses nette Wägelchen hat würde ich mich freuen diese per email zu erhalten!
Die Bilder ute5.jpg ->ute8.jpg sind von meinem Australischem Freund Gordon Miller. Der linksgelenkte 203 ist ein Prototyp der Design- Abteilung von Peugeot.

Some pics of the special australian version of the 203 pick-up called ute. Brian Winks from new-zealand sended me the images ute1->ute3 who is for sale.Pic ute4.jpg shows a french design-study of this rare car. A really big fault to decide not to build this car for the europeen countries (my own opinion!) The other pics shows australian ute´s in super condition... It would be really nice to receive more information of this special car! Feel free to mail any informations about this car... images ute5.jpg ->ute8.jpg I received from my australien friend Gordon Miller. Read mail below...

Brian Winks aus Neu-Seeland:
Dear Joerg,
Now that you are in the final stage of restoration you may be interested in the attached photos !
They are of a 203 Styleside utility; a hybrid of Australia. Approximately 16 were produced by their distributer by cutting down Forgonettes and applying local panel work. One has been restored to concourse condition and it is said it was a " love of labour rather than a labour of love " ! ! This one is for sale by a friend`s neighbour ( who owns 34 old Peugeots ) for $A500, most would not offer above $A5. But it would be an interesting excercise for a multi millionaire to have undertaken.

Gordon Miller aus Australien:

The "ute from the van" in Australia interests 203 persons worldwide. We call it a "Styleside ute". Have I explained "ute"? An Aussie invention I am told, short for "utility".
We don't call them "Pick Ups" . Older utes have a big cult following in Aus and tradesmen and farmers love the modern ones.
How is your French?
The picture of the LHD ute you sent is in "Album 203" by Dominique Pagneux. The captions says..... "Prototype du pick-up tôlé envisagé par le bureau d'études. On regrettera que ce modèle ne soit finalement pas retenu car il était doté d'une ligne assez élégante".
I will attach some 203 styleside ute pictures. You will note that the back of the cab is rounded and that there is only one window. I believe that there are 6 or 7 styleside utes still in Aus. One is on the road, another was on the road (I must check to see if it is on the road) and most of the rest are "being restored" or are "stored". There is one on a farm 320 km from Melbourne. Several people have tried to buy it but it hasn't worked out. I haven't seen the ute but this September we plan to drive to Adelaide for their "French Classic Car Day". We hope to have a look at the "ute" on the way. Not to purchase. My restoration days are over (I will be 70 this year) but I would like to see it so that I can advise our members. ...
regards Gordon Miller ...

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